AgileBI Sales solution for Small & Medium Businesses

Key differentiators of the solution are -

1. Built from the best of the Opensource world that use operating system agnostic java framework and that can be deployed in any windows/unix flavor environments.

2. Scalable flex attributes in both dimension and fact result in minimal customization at interface points and scalable architecture.

3. Flexible Slowly Changing Dimension type configurable at the column level means some column changes can be ignored, some can be overwritten and for some others history and version can be maintained.

4. Export of report/pivot data to various formats would mean flexible and scalable downstream interfaces.

5. Availability of dynamic reporting and cube analysis environment would mean minimal customization requirements and would provide an environment for the customer to experiment with analysis and scale up.

Please click here to watch a short solution demo uploaded to youtube that runs for about 23 minutes.

Please write to if you are interested in creating a platform to analyze your business data leveraging opensource tools like Talend, Pentaho, Jaspersoft and BIRT.